Cold is the sun,
That burns you.

Cold is the lover,
Who has no trust in you.

Cold is the friend,
Who backstabs you.

Cold is the family,
That fails to understand you.

And when you don’t forgive yourself,
The most cold are you.


Akshaya Hemadri

Caught in the haze! 

How am I to know ,Why I am here?  

When all I did,

Was to try it out once.

Just once.

What I was never warned about,

Was how powerful your very existence is.

And that all those, who know not of you. 

Are the safest and the happiest.

Looked once,  was all I did. 

And ended, in this never ending trance.

Wrong!!! I know I am. 

Trance – and being in it!  Is not what bothers me.

Knowing, but still not being able to confront it.

Is what kills me.

What am I to do?  

How do I get out of this? 

I ask… 

I ask everyday!
– Akshaya Hemadri